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Who is This For?
New & experienced investors and real estate pros who want to make money & make a difference in fighting climate change for a sustainable future.
Peace of Mind - Time Freedom - Geographic Flexibility

How are your projects sustainable and impact oriented?

  • Our guiding philosophy is based upon the 17 Sustainable Development goals set in 2015 the United Nations.

  • Sustainable Investors Group Capital is a private equity multifamily (green apartments) investment firm laser focused on goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.  We evaluate many deals but only consider profitable and risk mitigated multifamily investing projects that support this goal.

  • We partner with other social entrepreneurs for affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, and developing a community of people pursing profits and purpose toward the goals.

  • We are not a philanthropy, we believe that the flow of capital is the fuel to benefit people, the planet, and profits.

What are the benefits of investing passively in real estate?

  • Being Passive: As a passive investor (Class A limited partner) you’ll have the benefit of receiving passive cashflow distributions as a percentage of your investment. The Class B general partners who are active investors will find, negotiate, acquire, and manage the property on your behalf.

  • Reduced Risk: Multifamily real estate has consistently had high risk-adjusted net returns across all asset classes for the past several decades.

  • Tax Benefits: Depreciation, bonus depreciation and cost segregation will reduce or likely altogether eliminate the taxable income on passive investor distributions.


What is a Syndication?

  • A Syndication is a group of investors who partner together to purchase real estate.

  • Syndications are not public and are private placements.

  • Having direct ownership in a hard real estate asset rather than a paper publicly traded REIT shields investors from the volatility of the public markets and allows them to take advantage of the depreciation, reduced risk, and capital preservation of multifamily real estate assets.


Do you accept IRA Funds?

  • Yes, both Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k accounts can invest IRA funds.


What is Multifamily Investing? 

  • Multifamily investing refers to the acquisition and operation of residential complexes larger than 4 units.

  • The owner of the property (typically a business entity) is thus entitled to the monthly rent checks collected from the tenants.  


Investment Structure – What is the purpose of creating two classes of shares? Are class A shares allocated to passive investors and class B shares allocated to the managers?

  • Creating two classes of shares allows for differentiation between the limited partners and the general partners. 

  • The GP's (class B shares) and LP's (class A shares) typically have different equity stakes and different rights within the entity, specifically on management decisions and voting.  


Will the assets be managed by the same operator(s)?

  • Yes, the two assets would be managed by the asset managers, who are part of the class B investors. 

  • The asset management team will consist of experienced operators who have deep asset management experience, specifically in the asset classes, asset areas, and asset types we are targeting. 


What is the role of the property management company?

  • Collecting rent is handled by the property management company. 


Do you offer a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)?

  • We do not offer a REIT. REITs are public stocks that are typically composed of several properties.

  • The SEC and IRS treat REITs differently than direct ownership of a real estate asset, which impacts the tax implications.​

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We look forward to walking with you toward forging sustainable communities while building wealth.
SIG Capital is committed to profitable private equity investments that forge sustainable cities and communities first and foremost.  Utilising our strategic partnerships, leveraging innovative technologies, and drafting on the collective 20 years of renewable energy, real estate and management experiences of our leadership.

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