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Solar Farms: Invest to Do Well & Do Good with Similar IRR as Multifamily Real Estate

Do you like investing in hard assets with 13-20% IRR? Learn how to do well and do good with clean energy investments that provide similar returns as multifamily real estate.

Listen to Nasa pilot Dan Heaney and clean energy fund manager Micheal Euperio workshop how to invest passively in profitable clean energy and how to build a 1 gigawatt solar farm end-to-end.

What happens when you get a NASA pilot together with a clean energy fund manager and MF syndicator? A whole lot of inspiration to build a better future for our kids and SOPs.

Yes, step-by-step details on how normal people like us can invest into renewable energy projects either passively or actively and take advantage of the tailwinds behind solar and be at the front of the Green Wave.

Micheal Euperio is paddling out front on that wave. His company Redeem Investments breathes life into old apartments to rejuvenate the community and now massively making impact on a clean future by raising a fund that works with minority business enterprise developers on a utility grade solar farm.

Dan Heaney doesn’t let the status quo define him, on his conventional real estate search he noticed empty land and thought, why don’t I buy it and put a solar farm on it? No tenants, just PVs. He’s in full R&D mode now, there’s no stopping him.

Stay tuned to the end where we digress into treacherous but amazing mountain bike trails and taking a break from being a tourist and simply drinking beer on the beach with the locals is the best part of being on vacation

I’m a total beginner on this but you’ll see it’s not all that different from investing in commercial real estate as a private lender but with a whole lot of government subsidies.

I know we’ll be hearing a lot more from Micheal and Dan in the future.

Michael Euperio is COO of Redeem Investments, West Point graduate and multifamily syndicator. michael@redeeminvestments.com

Dan Heaney is an aspiring solar farm developer and Nasa Pilot.

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Thanks so much to Dan and Micheal for helping me dive deep into the topic, I’ll admit I really didn’t understand how you can act as lender for solar projects and stay outside the equity position on a depreciating asset like equipment.

I had a blast learning about this and in conclusion:

Solar has huge tailwinds and we should paddle out on the front of this green wave for a diversified portfolio resilient to climate shocks.


Seas to Swim In: Solar Lending

Solar Lending: For predevelopment/development: the Fund has a 15% IRR with a 3 year exit plan. Sounds pretty good. The utility company will hold the asset and reduces risk on maintenance. Paris Agreement: Solar is likely the most profitable short term solution to meet our energy demands to limit global warming. Many approaches are needed though.

Mountains to Climb: Solar End-to-End

Complexity: Without experience it’s tough to sort out all the technical details, partnering with an experienced operator would be helpful to avoid costly mistakes.

Initial Investment: land needed is about 2-5 acres per megawatt. 85-95 cents per watt is a good build price.

Thanks again to Micheal and Dan to help us unpack this on our Summit Roundtable.

Book Recommendations: Traction, Climate Wealth

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Special thanks to Dan and Mike for taking the time to share so many great insights with us.

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