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How to Offset Environmental Debt Created by Your Short-Term Rental Investment

Reducing Tension Between Making Money & Making a Difference

Life is a tradeoff.

You ❤️ making money with your Airbnb or other short term rental, but you also want to ensure your grandkids have access to a clean future where they can hike the Pyrenees, surf off Portugal, or hunt in Alaska.

While an environmental debt is usually created by ✈️ travellers enjoying your short term rental or airbnb, it's possible to mitigate some of the carbon load and work towards a valid middle ground solution.

It's not an option to eliminate all travel in order to fight climate change and preserve the outdoors for future generations.

Solution: Self Imposed Carbon Tax for Short Term Rental Investors.

For ☮︎ peace of mind consider a portion of your profits to be donated to portfolio of non-profits working to solve climate change at the legislative, technological, or community levels.

And as a profit bonus: you can measurably market your short term rental as "green" with integrity! List the sustainability non-profit organization you invest in on your website. Showcase the good work they are doing and that you support.

The appetite for "green" vacations in growing -- and you can fill that gap as a business entity, individual, or syndicate.

💥 Impact Investing to Offset the Environmental Debt Created by ✈️ Travellers to Your Airbnb $Investment.

💪 Make IMPACT and work towards a win-win solution that preserves the amazing benefit of travel for the next generation.

Check out these carefully vetted non-profits that are part of the Rick Steve's "Climate Smart Commitment" and consider donating to creatively mitigate the carbon footprint of travel.

🧳 Bread for the World


Collective Christian voice urging our nation's decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad as climate change worsens hunger.

🧳 Project Concern


Reforestation, carbon capture, improved rural sanitation for rural families.

🧳 Agros International


Climate-smart agricultural practices to decrease fertilizer and adopt water savings tech.

🧳 Zeitz Foundation


Tree nursery, 100,000 tree plantings, seedlings prepared, and vocational arborist training for women in Kenya.

🧳 Rainforest Alliance


Regnerative agriculture in Ghana to increase cocoa production for farmers and grow seedlings.

🧳 Citizen's Climate Education


Educate and influence policymakers about smart solutions to climate change.

🧳 Rainforest Action Network


Holding corporations accountable for their supply chains in Indonesia.

🧳 Food 4 Farmers


Climate-smart agricultural solutions for Central and South American coffee farmers.

For the Triple Bottom Line!


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Let’s make money while making a difference!

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By Morgan Fielder

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is an evangelist for sustainable investing. Join her eating, playing, and loving on nature around Europe exploring sustainability & husky powered oddesseys. She is living in Germany raising two gorgeous girls, wife of a rebel, serial expat, and is actively involved in the German community through several organizations. Visit her community projects at cornholeuropa.com and cravetheplanet.com.


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