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Is Carbon Farming the New Gold Rush for Investors?

Green Grows Green: A deep dive with Sebastian Graf into carbon farming on land and sea to make money and make a difference.

We explore the nuances of carbon marketplaces, carbon certificates, seaweed to save the planet and our guest's connection to the Great Outdoors.

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Who here loves sushi and Korean Kimbap? I do! Well this episode is going to blow your mind at the opportunities to invest in seaweed that sequesters carbon and is sunk to the bottom of the oceans to save the world!

We also have some killer conversation on how Iceland is fighting climate change with Viking Lava Stones that sequester carbon! Sebastian Graf is robotics expert and founder of True Carbon. Sponsored by Aspiration Bank & Sustainable Investors Group You will learn the nuts and bolts of the potentially disrupting, emerging voluntary carbon marketplaces.

We will decipher what carbon certificates are, who buys them, the science behind it, and how you can invest in them.

It revolves around the topic of regenerative agriculture - all the rage on land, but our guest Sebastian Graf a robotics expert and carbon tech entrepreneur, takes it one step further.

He wants to connect tech companies flush with cash but desperate to offset their entire carbon footprint to farmers on the land AND sea doing regenerative practices based in science.

Stay tuned to the end where we digress into Viking Lava Stones - What will Iceland think of next?

I’m a total beginner on this, so if you are new to the concepts this is a great episode for you because I ask all the questions.

Thanks so much to Sebastian for helping me dive deep into the topic, I’ll admit I really didn’t understand how you can link these disparate entities together. I had a blast learning about this and in conclusion:

Carbon farming while not new, is just now starting to have efficient startups that can eliminate middlemen in issuing certificates that are supply constrained. It has great potential to disrupt and solve some problems in food and climate but there are also hurdles. Seas to Swim In: Carbon Farming Marketplaces

Supply Constrained: Big tech companies have made net zero pledges for their entire history and don’t have enough places to purchase certificates to offset their CO2. Better Soil, Coral: Regenerative practices not only sequester carbon but they make better, more fertile soil that can produce a better yield. And in the sea, plants can regenerate coral reefs too. Mountains to Climb: Carbon Farming Marketplaces

Scaleability: To move more carbon into the soil and make it healthier or place more biomass at the bottom of the sea requires many agricultural operations to do it and educating them on these practices is a monumental task.

Initial Investment: Converting land and sea agriculture takes time and often is not insured by places like the USDA. Financing is needed. Thanks again to Sebastian to help us unpack this on our Green Grows Green Series: Is Carbon Farming the New Gold Rush for Investors? Get in touch with Sebastian. Learn how your green can grow more green for your portfolio and the planet! Visit us here for everything you need to know: www.sustainableinvestorsgroup.com Schedule a call where we can discuss your investing needs, outdoor adventure plans, or just to get to know each other.

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