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How to Get Dirt Under Your Fingernails Part 2 Podcast

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Today we’re going back to the land and exploring how to integrate American food producers and private investors to create more “circular systems” that are less at war with microbes and more interested in finding ways to incentivise people to produce food that feeds people and the microbes in the soil for potentially the most cost effective and scaleable climate solution, we'll explore crowd funding to carbon negative certificates to partnerships in your local food shed.

Rich Bradbury is no gentleman farmer. He is helping provide a superior grass fed meat product and regenerate the soil by advancing regenerative practices in the drought stricken Great Basin in Oregon.

Jim Haberer serves his nation as naval officer stationed in Naples, Italy and he wants to invest for impact from abroad. Despite being almost vegetarian, he believes in the power of planned holistic grazing. But with his career it's hard for him to get out onto the land directly. He’s in full R&D mode now, there’s no stopping him.

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