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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It's very hard to see past the status quo. But once you do, it's no longer "Either, Or". It becomes "Yes, And?"

The investor community is split into two factions: Curious vs Status-Quo.

The Status Quo sees only financial profits as a result of investing. They may chase speculative trades on Robinhood or gamble wildly on Dogecoin. They may even have played with credit derivative swaps.

The Status Quo may also be of FIRE mindset and prefer evidence based insights to keep pace with the market and be passionate about real estate, index funds, and passive investing.

The Curious see the connection between economic, environmental, and social influences.

The Curious think in more than one economic cycle, maybe even for 3-7 generations into the future. Their bottom line is the health of the entire ecosystem of people, the planet and profits.

They don't want to be the smartest in the room or the richest, if they feel comfortable they journey to another room to feel a bit like an impostor because that is where growth really happens.

The Curious notice that a rising tide lifts all ships but conversely are aware of the rising tide ready to swamp out billions of people in coastal cities.

They want a place for their grandchildren to climb mountains, cliff dive into the seas, and hunt wild elk to feed their family nutritious wild game.

Experiences, time, and connection mean more than lamborghinis, McMansions, or idle shopping to the Curious.

The Curious and Status Quo both seek to maximize profits, but one is reductive and one is holistic in their definitions.

We've been propagandised to ignore our communities and nature and seek consumerism and corporate growth at all costs for a "healthy" economy.

Just like we've been trained to "take a pill" for all that ails us. Your doctor doesn't get reimbursed for doing the hard work of helping you change health behaviors, clean up your environmental pollution, or manage your stress levels.

Instead, the American population is hooked on opiates, obese, and sicker despite spending 2x as much on medical care than other developed nations.

We're trying to solve our problems with a "pill". Up the taxes, cut the taxes, raise the rates, gamble on the gamble on Wall St, stock buy backs, renewable credits, tariffs, etc., etc.

An economic system that doesn't take into account the true costs of goods or services is unsustainable--just like a sedentary lifestyle and diet of McDonalds is for your body.

What if instead of extractive capitalism we shifted to inclusive capitalism and...

  • We figured out mass scale systems for farmers to shift to regenerative practices that pull carbon out of the skies and sequester it in the ground to create better topsoil without bankrupting them?

  • We built housing communities that fostered social connection, small business, and health promoting behaviours versus a car dependent, isolating lifestyle?

  • We demanded transparency of government and taxes so it was an even playing field and all people had a chance at building wealth?

  • We outlawed planned obsolescence and goods were repaired versus thrown away?

  • We gave freedom to entrepreneurs to go all in on their ventures unafraid of potentially drowning medical expenses that force their hand into corporate jobs?

  • We reframed the meaning of wealth and connected the true costs of goods/services to our grandchildren's generation?

  • Invested with meaning?

What kind of investor are you?

It's very hard to see past the status quo. But once you do, it's no longer "Either, Or". It becomes "Yes, And?"


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By Morgan Fielder

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is an evangelist for sustainable investing. Join her eating, playing, and loving on nature around Europe exploring sustainability & husky powered oddesseys. She is living in Germany raising two gorgeous girls, wife of a rebel, serial expat, and is actively involved in the German community through several organizations. Visit her community projects at cornholeuropa.com and cravetheplanet.com.


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