We're Morgan & Aaron.

We'll introduce ourselves in a moment.

But first, let's talk about you.

Is the point just to accumulate a pile of cash?
...is it possible to make impact for people, profits, and the planet?

We're going to make some guesses about you.

--->You want to take control of your money — not be controlled by your money.

--->You aren't moved by simply building a pile of cash.

--->You don’t want to spend 40 years in a cubicle.

--->You’re smart, you understand sustainability requires a complex interplay of social, economic, and environmental factors.

--->You’re different, unconventional. Maybe even a little rebellious.

--->You own your sh*t – you take command of building a better life and you care about your community.

If this sounds like you, welcome home. You’ve found a great community in this little pocket of the internet.

Sustainable Investors Group is an impact investing firm committed to a movement rooted in one idea: You can make money while making a difference. 

This opens two questions:

  1. How can we make smarter decisions about our money, time and life?

  2. How can we align our daily behaviors and habits with the lifestyle we value most?

This is the central philosophy that lies at the heart of our community...you can make money while you make a difference.


Sustainable Investors Group was founded in 2020 to help those ready to do more for the next generation deploy their time and money purposefully to make impact for people, profits, and the planet with a focused strategy on "Green Apartments".

This community was built for business pioneers on the winding path deploying capital to benefit people, profits and the planet.

Together we can share ideas, inspire action, & learn about impact investing, neuroeconomics, sustainable financing strategies, integrated communities, and more.


Our goal is to help guide the discussion around the complex interplay of capital as the fuel between the social, economic and environmental factors of our society. 


Hopefully we can start to shift attitudes and bend culture toward Sustainable Real Estate Investing for a more sustainable planet, happier and healthier people, and connected communities.

Sustainable Investors Group:  Helping You Make Money and Make a Difference.

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Estate Investing Movement.

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SIG Capital is committed to profitable private equity investments that forge sustainable cities and communities first and foremost.  Utilising our strategic partnerships, leveraging innovative technologies, and drafting on the collective 20 years of renewable energy, real estate and management experiences of our leadership.

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